$200 pays for a square foot of the Cornerstone Faith Project.

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So what is "Cornerstone Faith Project"? It is our new building that we will use as a Stronghold of Faith for the community, state, and this part of the region. Pastor Billy & Shelby Rash, along with the congregation, are excited about what God is doing at K.C.C. We are presently occupying the first phase of this building which is 8,480 sq/ft and has the ability to seat 500. The next phase will have 2 floors; the lower floor 19,882 sq/ft, upper floor 4,787 sq/ft which will give us a total 33,149 sq/ft. Thus having a total occupancy of 1,350 seats. Some of the amenities of this next phase will allow us to have our entire children's ministry under one roof, a full operating bookstore and utilizing the existing sanctuary for overflow, fellowship hall, and water baptism. We want you to be a part of this life changing project.